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Fashion Film (Huh. Turns out, pop already is eating itself)

Hand made, literally.

Oh that’s very clever. Am suffused with a sort of warm envy and admiration. Wish I could say that I’d thought of this, but it’s actually the work of Lernert & Sander. Wonderfully done.

Baby gets smashed

Genius section from the film Las Palmas by Johannes Nyholm. Only a matter of time before someone makes it into an advert – it already has well over two million hits, and was only uploaded last week.

Alex explains Commando

Alex is a nine-year-old boy from Tanzania. He’s going to tell you about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic Eighties rom-com, Commando.

I love this video for challenging the way I’m conditioned to pigeonhole things too quickly. Images, stories, you name it, we’re (or at least I certainly feel) set up to assume a stereotype – or feel the urge to do so.

This is part of a non-profit campaign by Mama Hope, which says: “We’ve had enough of the tragic impressions of Africans that flood the media and nonprofit campaigns. We aim to break these stereotypes by releasing a series of captivating videos that show the light of the people we serve in Africa. We aspire to introduce our communities to you with the integrity and brilliance that we witness everyday.

“In the first video of our series meet Alex! He is a happy, healthy, nine-year-old boy from Tanzania. He is intensely enthusiastic, has a wild imagination and loves action movies. Does this sound like any nine-year-old boys you know?”

Law & Order UK: explained for Americans

BBC America commissioned Whirled Group to make this trailer for the launch of Law & Order: UK in the States. It’s good.

Runaway poo

You don’t just need water to drink. You need it to do things like wash away poo.

Nice idea for raising awareness. Very emailable.