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Map of the open country of a woman’s heart

By D. W. Kellogg in Retronaut:

‘According to this map, Love is at the center of a woman’s heart, and Sentimentality and Sentiment (including Good Sense, Discrimination, Hope, Enthusiasm, and Platonic Affection) take up a sizeable portion of the entire territory. This region of Sentiment and Sentimentality is separated from the larger, treacherous areas of a woman’s heart: Selfishness and Coquetry pose dangers, especially to gentleman travelers, and these attributes suggest that all women are basically untrustworthy. The largest regions, Love of Admiration, Love of Dress, and Love of Display, all suggest that women are also essentially shallow and frivolous. Although the image claims to have been drawn by “A Lady,” it is just as likely that it proceeded from the imagination of a man.’


– American Antiquarian, via Brain Pickings


Tattooing as an infographic

Astonishing bit of work by Polish designer Paul Marcinkowski – presenting the tattoo as an infographic. Sweetly done. His blog is here – and has some lovely sketching on it, plus other goodies.

How to programme your 808 drum machine (lovely infographic posters)

Says the artist, Rob Rickett “A series of informative posters detailing how some of the most notable drum sequences were programmed using the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. Each sequence has been analyzed and represented as to allow users to re-programme each sequence, key for key.

“If you would like an A3 print please send a mail to shop@robricketts.co.uk and I will email you as soon as some become available.”


Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet

Click to enlarge. Tip of the hat to Slevin at Superexcited.

Seasonal Venn

Buy it here.



New, geographically (more) accurate London tube map

Hit the image to go to the main site where you can zoom in and out, play with the picture etc. Pretty darned good. Via @benhammersley

What Makes Men Tick – Gold dust in the Reanimation Library 1

The Reanimation Library is a small, independent public library in Brooklyn. It collects books that have fallen out of routine circulation and keeps them for their visual content. Outdated and discarded, they have been culled from thrift stores, stoop sales, and throw-away piles, and are given new life as a resource for artists, writers, cultural archeologists, and other interested parties.

The catalogue on their website has scans from some of the more interesting books. Among them, this 1972 bad boy, What Makes Men Tick. It is, now more than ever, an essential guide for all women on how to best serve as a dutiful wife *ahem*.

The man who has it all

Excellent old school infographic

Yup, that’s exactly what “we” do

Best. Caption. Ever.