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Kid Dracula (Radiohead + Nosferatu = YES!)

[31.08 for the famous bit, but I reckon do the whole thing]


Samurai with sword


Henri le Chat, l’ennui se continue

A tip of the hat to Miss Daisy.

Raquel Welch – is there NOTHING she can’t do?

Wearing a Chelsea kit, roller skating, whipping AND holding a gun. She could well be the perfect woman.

Astonishing colourisation brings black and white images to life. Uncanny.

A seriously impressive piece of colourisation, showing just how amazing Photoshop can be. The people behind this gallery and, I think, this site normally restore old wedding pics and so on, but here they turn their eye to iconic figures and images. It’s amazing how it brings them to life. The one of the self-immolating Vietnamese monk is harrowing enough – it was already a Pullitzer prize-winning image, but the others have just as much impact in their own way. Anne Frank, for example, seems to gain personality, Abe Lincoln looks – less anachronistic. Anyway, see for yourself:

Charles Darwin

Abraham Lincoln

Anne Frank

Mark Twain

Fridtjof Nansen (Norwegian explorer and total badass)

Thich Quang Duc, protesting at Catholic repression of Buddhists.

More images can be found here.


Saw this on You Might Find Yourself, it’s taken by a guy called wangyuanzheng. It’s pretty simple – there’s not much to it, but I love it.