A note on Brexit, and putting thy money where thy mouth is

25463076012_eaab9345d4_bThere’s a lot of (justified) outrage on social media about Brexit, but what are you planning to actually do about it? 

Networks are too often passive and used to observe. I am writing in the hope that it encourages you to participate in our democracy and take the opportunity to make your voice heard.

You are not powerless. Writing to your MP is simple and I think will make a difference: if you’ve got the strength of feeling to actually write to them rather than just sign an online petition, then they are more likely to actually represent you.   

Please find two attachments, both templates of letters to MPs. One is by my friend Benet Brandreth, the other is a group effort to which I contributed. I hope you will find them helpful and perhaps use them to write your own letter. Your MP and MEPs details can be found at www.writetothem.com

Last word to Benet: 

Like many people in the UK, though sadly not all, I found the vote to Leave and both the immediate and prospective consequences of it, devastating and heart-breaking. It does not seem an idle matter to me. I worry deeply about a course that seems likely to destroy the Union and impoverish the country morally and economically. It also appears to me a course that diverts vital political capital from the deep, underlying problems that have manifested themselves in the vote to Leave.
“But please do write. Now is the moment. If there is any good to come of this, let it be that we become more politically active. These are our rights at stake, our country, our sense of community.
Channel your passion on this important matter. Do something about it. If you do nothing, nothing will change.

Click below to download:

Letter ONE: No Brexit letter

Letter TWO: no brexit letter 02

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