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Exploding actresses (and Disney princesses)

Saw this on Kottke, it’s really very good. Italian director Simone Rovellini has put a host of videos, gifs and more together for his Exploding Actresses tumblr.



And princesses:

Pretty sure that this is why the internet was invented

Cat, dressed as a shark, chases a duckling while riding a Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Batman in classic movie scenes

[youtube http://youtu.be/j2ghVpNCVe4&w=700]

Naive New Beaters / Jersey

I would win this race.

A competition by Esteban+Vinciguerra & Remy Cayuela
Director: Remy Cayuela
Writters: Esteban+Vinciguerra & Remy Cayuela
Dop: Martial Schmeltz
Editor: Edouard Mailaender
Label: Cinq7
Production company: Frenzy paris
Post-production: Circus
SFX: Jean Miel
Stylist: Bylitis Nicod

Hand made, literally.

Oh that’s very clever. Am suffused with a sort of warm envy and admiration. Wish I could say that I’d thought of this, but it’s actually the work of Lernert & Sander. Wonderfully done.

The Cat Organ

“Henry Dagg performed his very own version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow to Prince Charles and had him in tears of laughter. He performed the famous tune on his organ, made out of fluffy toy cats at the event at Clarence House in London.” (via)

Burmese cat dubstep. Purrfect.