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Refs from a Mercedes/McClaren shot a couple of years ago

I’d forgotten about these. Such a bonkers place…was writing up this piece for WIRED.

So I went to Namibia…

…and wrote THIS piece about shark fishing while exploring the Skeleton coast. There was loads of stuff I didn’t have space to write up. And I while I was enjoying my adventures, I took a bunch of photos (click to see slideshow):

ooOOOoo podmax!

Click pic for the WIRED podcast…

Shark Fishing in Namibia!

FASCINATING article here, by the way…

On the lookout (Mongolia), Copyright me, 2010

Altai mountains, eagle hunters wait while their friends (and me) scramble around gullies trying to flush out prey

After the hunt (Mongolia), copyright me, 2010

Fox and a rabbit and a lot of fun.

This week, I shall mostly be…

Hunting in Mongolia.