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Sesame Street vs Steve Jobs

There’s an app for that (and other things that rhyme with @)



Ultimate hearing test

Headphones on. I got 5 but not 1. And you?

Mini cannon will explode your tiny mind

Want. Via Kottke.

Shake Weight World Record – There’s The Rub

Guy sets a world speed record for reciting the “To be, or not to be” soliloquy while using a Shake Weight. Probably not much competition for that particular record, especially since he looks like he’s furiously masturbating to Shakespeare. Actually looks quite difficult.


Frank Zappa on censorship

Amazing. We’re talking about woooords. I love it when you froth like that. The old dudes are like not-very-scary yappy dogs. Not very capable debaters.

What Prince song are they talking about?

Grown men vs. Hula Hoop

I like the way they caper at the end. This spring I’m gonna start training for five people in one.

Ron Jeremy’s School of Harmonica