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Slow motion Shaolin Warriors

Wind tunnels and the slow mo pro blow

So I thought I’d been quite clever when I downloaded SloPro and made this video of blowing raspberries with Cat and Jadell (we’d just been choosing the wine for their upcoming nuptials, which should explain general slack-jawed numptiness):

But THEN I see someone has only gone one better (like it was even POSSIBLE) and done this hilarious video of people in a wind tunnel:

Pink Terror Hawking

A slow-mo short by Mike Barzman and Christian Swegal on Barzart. Not a massive fan of the soundtrack, and I think they could’ve got away actually being even slower, but I like the colours and costumes – and the watermelon.


Filmed at a whopping 2000 frames per second. Skip the first bit, nothing happens.

Slow-motion sapphic sadists (NSFW)