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Refs from a Mercedes/McClaren shot a couple of years ago

I’d forgotten about these. Such a bonkers place…was writing up this piece for WIRED.

A tube map’s view of London

Genius find by Wired, this map by two interaction design students from the RCA in Kensington visualises the geography of London as seen in the original tube map by Harry Beck.

Click here to see the whole thing and the original story.

What happens if you cross a fork with a theramin?

Fascinating and slightly bonkers piece by Alice Vincent in Wired UK:

Researchers from Ochanomizu University have invented cutlery that makes bizarre “music” when used during meal times, just in case eating wasn’t fun enough already.

The eating utensils, known as EaTheremin, create a complete electrical circuit when they come into contact with human body moisture. That in turn creates sound, duly celebrating the food party in your mouth.

As the video above demonstrates, the noises produced vary depending on the resistance generated by the food that’s being eaten. The sound is also affected by conductivity, so the wetter your mouth, the noisier the result. Indeed, as the human body is between 55 and 60 percent water, you can put the EaTheremin pretty much anywhere to make a sound.

Munching grub that blends textures (like the fried chicken in the video) will create the most interesting results, and the stretchy chicken skin can create a vibrato effect. Unlike the video, however, all your food doesn’t have to be compressed into cylinders.

Furthermore, the researchers are keen to expand beyond musical forks to spoons and cups. Utensils used to deal with liquid would make different sounds, and if the electrodes were divided between two objects at once then you could have your own mini food orchestra during lunch.

EaTheremin already has the potential for duets and even more. Reina Nakamori says, “Several people can use this if they eat together. With the current system, I think it would be fun if a special sound could be created when two people make the same sound as one person.”


ooOOOoo podmax!

Click pic for the WIRED podcast…