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The Big Cloud: The Lovely Monster

Checked in on The Atlantic for the first time in a while, and saw these gorgeous images. Lovely Sky Monsters is a series by Camille Seaman, who partnered with storm chasers to track down and photograph a magnificent cloud type – the supercell.

Do definitely make time to look at the original set, and also her pictures of icebergs.

Weather maps are scary

Here is tropical cyclone Yasi, breaking into Australia, Katrina style, just weeks after floods ripped the river banks open and swamped the streets:

And a map of its progress:

Meanwhile this little beauty is the blizzard that’s walloping Chicago into the ground and stopping anyone from going anywhere or doing anything:

Click here to see an amazing picture of the Chicago freeway.

Don’t forget, the USA and Australia are BIG places. These are BIG clouds.