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To Catch a Sound – the skate park’s scraping and grinding

Unnamed sound sculpture by Daniel Franke

“The limits of the Kinect’s unintended uses are explore again in this beautiful experimental piece by Daniel Franke. Using three Kinect’s, Daniel recorded a dancer going through a routine before feeding the point data into a visualizer, adding sound distortion, random seeding of frames and post processing. The final performance is an uncanny visual spectacle, featuring a flowing form attempting to maintain a solid shape with every reset.”

“The three-dimensional image allowed us a completely free handling of the digital camera, without limitations of the perspective. The camera also reacts to the sound and supports the physical imitation of the musical piece by the performer. She moves to a noise field, where a simple modification of the random seed can consistently create new versions of the video, each offering a different composition of the recorded performance. The multi-dimensionality of the sound sculpture is already contained in every movement of the dancer, as the camera footage allows any imaginable perspective.”


The Foley Artist

Two films that give sliiiightly different views on the art of creating sound for movies that’s more real than the real thing.

The Beatles, Helter Skelter, deconstructed

This post by Richard Metzger on Dangerous Minds deconstructs The Beatles’ epic  1968 smack-down ‘Helter Skelter’ into individual studio tracks from 1968. It’s wicked. Follow the links to see other similar pieces on that website (especially the first one on the Stones).


Since the post about the individual tracks that comprise the Rolling Stones’ classic “Gimme Shelter” went over so well, here’s another in a similar vein, a track by track breakdown of “Helter Skelter” by the Beatles.


This is probably as close as it is possible to be in the recording studio with the Beatles during the White Album sessions in 1968. Record producer Chris Thomas, then a “tea boy”/intern at EMI Studios, later said of this session:  “While Paul was doing his vocal, George Harrison had set fire to an ashtray and was running around the studio with it above his head, doing an “Arthur Brown.”

If you’re really bored you can open them all up in different windows and try to sync ‘em up…

First McCartney’s frenzied vocal. Superb! How do you improve on something like this? You don’t because It’s fucking perfection. “It’s coming down fast….!”


Next up the first guitar track. Many previously unheard nuances, both here and in the scratchy-sounding secondary guitar layer below. At times it sounds like it’s Kurt Cobain playing guitar, not George Harrison or Paul McCartney (who plays lead guitar here).



It’s actually John Lennon on bass here. So primitive sounding in comparison to McCartney’s nimble bass-lines.


Finally the drums. Yet another example of how very fine a drummer Ringo is, what else is there to say? Ringo Starr said of this session: “‘Helter Skelter’ was a track we did in total madness and hysterics in the studio. Sometimes you just had to shake out the jams.”


More Beatles on Dangerous Minds

Thank you Tara McGinley!

Ultimate hearing test

Headphones on. I got 5 but not 1. And you?