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Sesame Street vs Steve Jobs

There’s an app for that (and other things that rhyme with @)



Two amazing Sesame Street parodies

Smell like a monster:
Old Spice Man was the biggest viral marketing hit of the year, and now he’s even worked his way into Sesame Street. In a new clip, Grover the furry blue monster tells viewers the advantages of smelling like a monster and knowing the word “on.” Isaiah Mustafa doesn’t make an appearance, but Grover makes a pretty good stand-in.

The spoof is spot on. Grover sports a towel and does the “look at yourself, now back to me” bit, the “two tickets to that thing you love” bit, and of course, “I’m on a horse.”

Controversy definitely scores YouTube views, but Old Spice Grover’s humor and cuteness are more likely to win over the target Sesame Street audience. (via)

True Mud
Sesame Street pushed the envelope a bit more with a parody of HBO’s True Blood, a show with its fair share of nudity, death and gore. The kids’ version is called “True Mud,” and instead of being a secret vampire, the main character is a secret Grouch, looking for some mud for his mud bath.

It’s a fun rhyming lesson, but is Sesame Street just looking for attention by capitalizing on a current hit show that’s very much for grown-ups only? I don’t know. Sesame Street has parodied plenty of movies that kids wouldn’t be allowed to see. The only difference is that those movies probably weren’t on the cover of Rolling Stone at the time.

I think on balance, though, that the Old Spice one has the edge.