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Bonkers beautiful high speed pics of food getting shot

These bonkers photos are by Alan Sailer, who likes nothing more than to take some sausages to his garage, set them up with some pretty lighting on a nice background, and then shoot them.

He sets up a camera and a high-speed flash (ased off an article from a 1974 volume of the Scientific American), and then shoots them with an air rifle or blows them up. The pictures are taken as early into the impact/explosion as possible.

He has hundreds of images on his Flickr page, where he also chats about the process – which is often very very funny.



Average face? Naaaaaah

A new project by Face Research layers photos of different faces from different regions to arrive at an average of what a combination of faces looks like. A sort of world map of the girl from next door.

Click here to see the full set. Not sure how representative it is, but interesting nonetheless.