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M.C. Escher in Lego

Escher was a Dutch graphic artist known for mathematically-inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints. These were often impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture, and tessellations.

The great thing about them is that they’re impossible constructions. Or at least, they were until Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu built them out of Lego. I like that in the top one, the lamp is resting on a Linux book. Rather heartening.


Insert Coin

Quite simply a ROCKING piece of stop motion by Ninja Moped (they used to call themselves Rymdreglage but for some reason decided it was too difficult to pronounce). Some of it almost looks fake. It’s not. Keep watching to the end of the vid and they’ll tell you how they did it.

In another thing they’re working on, the Piano Project, they plan to build a giant crossbow and use it to shoot pianos into buildings, cars and trees and then film it at super HD. Sounds awesome.

They also do amazing stuff with Lego. Checkit.