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A speech for John Dyson’s memorial

Below is the speech I made at Dad’s celebration. It was a fantastic party – he’d have loved it. Barbecue and bluegrass, friends and family. Do please comment below – especially if you would like to share anything – it would be welcome. You can read his obituary by clicking here.


Hello everyone.

If my voice goes funny, please bear with me!

John Dyson. What a beautiful, beautiful man. This is at once the worst thing in the world, something I would never, could never want to do. But also something I can’t imagine not doing. It’s a real honour to have a chance to say a few things before you all. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night thinking “I must tell the nose trick story” or “don’t forget the Piewipe stuff”, but there’s just so much, I’m going to keep it simple. It would take more than a book to even begin to do him justice.
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