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Carl, the talking piece of cardboard, has had a great idea…

…it involves doodles, a bit of tracing paper or some cheese wrap and a lot of fun. Found it on boooooooooom, one of my favourite arty sites. Such a genius idea, I love it. Was screened at Pictoplasma last year.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/34698421 w=700&h=390]

tUnE-yArDs / My Country

Saw this lovely video on Booooooom. Reminds me of this little sketch by Dallas Clayton:


Child 1: Wait, this game doesn’t have directions.

Child 2: So?

Child 1: So how do you know if you are playing it right?

Child 2: It’s fun. When a game is fun you’re playing it right.


Anyhoo, the original post is:

I’m such a sucker for videos featuring kids that can dance. This tUnE-yArDs video for My Country features kids being weird, or rather – kids being kids. Remember being one? Crazy. It kind of reminds me School of Rock – which makes sense because this video was just launched in support of the SF Rock Project Lending Library to help fund new instruments for students.

The SF Rock Project got it’s start with the help of Kickstarter and now it needs donations to help it grow. It’s a non profit music school that helps develop young tUnE-yArds-in-the-making. Investing in young, aspiring rock musicians is a no brainer, because let’s be real – you can’t pick up a guitar in your twenties and think you’re going to be a rock star. Gotta start ‘em young.

Watch the video and donate here.

Mini cannon will explode your tiny mind

Want. Via Kottke.