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Now that the season has ended, it’s a perfect moment to remind ourselves of one of the great games of last century. Greece vs Germany. Two distinct teams, two very different styles. Excellent work from the ref and his assistants.

Schopenhauer’s comment sums it all up succintly: “Greeks were very lucky that day. We were in far from our usual form, and even then the goal was clearly offside as Marx claimed. I am pretty sure that we could beat them in another game, which unfortunately never took place again. And this actually vindicates my general thoughts on life: one should keep his desires at minimum and try to avoid trouble and hence suffering.”

Peter Schmeichel


What a fine figure of a man. Schmeichel’s intimidating physique (he wears an XXXL shirt and stands 6ft 4 tall) and attacking threat gave him a presence beyond that of mere mortal goalies. He also scored 11 goals, a great feat for a keeper, and had a habit of racing into the oppositions box for penalties when his team was behind. He is the most capped player for the Danish national team, with 129 games and a goal between 1987 and 2001. Apart from Euro 92, he played for his nation at the 1998 FIFA World Cup and three additional European Championship tournaments. He captained the team in 30 matches.

Today, he is regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers ever. And I washed my hair with the wrong shampoo this morning, so today I look a bit like him. I’m a bit taller though.


Vuvuzela flowchart…

Vuvuzela flowchart


From MadMaharaja.com

Rob Green / England v. USA jokes…

…don’t say I never do you any favours.

What’s the difference between Rob Green and Justin Bieber?
Rob Green knows how to drop his balls.

Steven Gerrard says, “The whole team is behind Rob Green.”
In retrospect, that’s a good place to stand.

That was great. So when’t the 3rd quarter?

England v USA – Kick off 19:30.
USA will turn up at 19:41 and then claim victory

My PC has the Rob Green virus…I can’t save anything!

England Goalkeeper rob green walked into the dressing room at full time, totally dejected, he threw his head into his hands…..and missed….

All these rob green jokes are getting out of hand, they’re crossing the line

What’s the difference between rob green’s spill and BPs spill?
robert green has got a cap for his.

Have you seen the new “rob green condoms?”
They’re extra slippery and you’re guaranteed not to catch anything!

The name’s Green. Robert Green. License to spill.

It would seem that rob green has got slippery fingers.
Do you think he’s been visiting Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend too?

Don’t shave for England! Do you think rob green misheard that!

What’s the difference between rob green and Cinderella?
Cinderella got to the ball!!

The England camp are saying that the new world cup ball was to blame for rob green’s howler.
If the hand of God wasn’t bad enough now we have to pit our wits against a magical orb