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Flying like a bird – well done that man. Inspiring.

Saw this on Blackie’s FB wall. Lovely. Made me well up. And then I found out it’s a fake.

Instruments from the inside – the Berlin Philharmonic

Beautiful campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra – series showing musical instruments from the inside to nail the feel of the music they play. Nice bit of CGI and that. Hot.

Copywriter: Mona Sibai
Agency: Scholz & Friends (Berlin)
Client: Berliner Philharmoniker
Photographer: Mierswa Kluska


BONUS BONUS BONUS! Here, have a pianogasm on the house, courtesy of Lang Lang’s encore following his first performance with the Berliner Philharmoniker in 2009:

No words.

Best Bollywood Action Scene EVAAAH

Possibly the most bonkers action scenes in existence, all taken from a Bollywood film called Robot or Enthiran*. I particularly like the fact that in the early scene when all the soldiers get gunned down on the motorway, the director must have just shouted; “okay now everyone SHIMMY, we’ll add the bullets in later. Aaaaaand…ACTION!!”

*actually, it’s technically not Bollywood, it’s Kollywood, because rather than being made in Bombay this was produced in the Kodambakkam district located in Chennai.

Here’s the trailer, in which they dance: