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A small price for a smile…

“My girlfriend and I left London in September 2011 to go travelling around the world. On the way, we spent 3 weeks volunteering as English teachers in a rural Cambodian school. Whilst we were there, we decided to set the kids a challenge: to learn how to say the hardest word in English…

“Here’s how they got on.”


Support the kids at http://www.aboutasiaschools.org/donation (all donations are made securely through paypal).

“Silly Runnings” – slow-motion running in Cambodia, music and land mines

Japanese director Sou Otsuki has released a new version of his video for the song “Luv(sic) pt.2” by Nujabes with Shing02, featuring a variety of people running ludicrously in slow motion.

The new version was shot in Cambodia and stars a few courageous amputees and exploding land mines.

If you click here you’ll get the lyrics. Here’s the original video, by the way:

(Via Pink Tentacle)