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Animals are awesome too… (a full screen, HD kind of thing)

Dolly Parton and Keith Haring


You are awesome

Awesomeness Reminders
How great would you feel if a real person called you every day to tell you, “You’re Awesome!”?

With AwesomenessReminders, a real person will call you every day to tell you how much you rock. If you’re not around, we will leave you a voicemail.

* Only $10/month – Cheaper than the cost of a movie ticket and way cheaper than the cost of a life coach
* Super Fun – Our calls will leave you beaming and ready to take on your day.
* Makes for a great gift – Give AwesomenessReminders to yourself, a friend, or your child

It would be like having your own baby hedgehog AND a newborn fennec fox in your top pocket.

Ultimate wedding DJ.

Stick with it. It’s worth it. The Cadbury’s Gorilla has got nothing on this man.