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Haiku from 4Chan

They had a wee challenge – submit a haiku about the object to your left. Some of my favourite entries follow. No picture. Unrelated.

My aunt once told me
slow and steady wins the race
she died in a fire

Harry Potter books,
Numbers five, six, and seven.
I’m 20 years old.

Smelly, smelly cat
…the FUCK are they feeding you?
It is not your fault.

Steel coffee cup
you are also a french press
Fuck starbucks coffee

wristwatch to my left
why you lying on table
must have put you there

pillow is ugly purple colour
i do not like this pillow very much
i have a vagina woo

A leather jacket
it protects my skin from cold
the chaps, not so much

I have a ruler
I use it to draw straight lines
And measure my cock

i actually
know how to write a haiku
you all are fucktards.

Me and my guitar
I play you so horribly
Please co-operate.

Great War shrapnel shell
Now you give light as my lamp
It’s a funny old world.

Haiku’s can be easy
sometimes they don’t make much sense

oh left leg of mine
you move me half way everywhere
dont you ever break

tits or gtfo

4chan and the case for online anonymity

You may not know 4chan. It’s an online message board. Users don’t so much push the boundaries of acceptability as do the web version of running around naked, waving porn mags and shouting racist jokes. That said, what it does is important in a number of ways. Anonymity is – for me at least – an important part of internet subculture. Here Christopher “moot” Poole explains his side of things. He explains some of the memes that have sprung from 4chan and also shows how the “Anonymous” community, for all its flaws, has actually effected change. Yes there’s often a lot of vulgarity, but… so what? There’s a good chunk of free speech about to go down the pan if this sort of site is threatened. As Evelyn Beatrice Hall (not Voltaire) said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

ps – when he talks about /b/, that’s the name 4chan give to the random category, so basically that’s where the boobs and willies (and worse) are. Point is, you don’t *have* to go to /b/ to enjoy the site’s benefits. There’s a rather nice board that’s all about recipes too. 4chan