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Two amazing Sesame Street parodies

Smell like a monster:
Old Spice Man was the biggest viral marketing hit of the year, and now he’s even worked his way into Sesame Street. In a new clip, Grover the furry blue monster tells viewers the advantages of smelling like a monster and knowing the word “on.” Isaiah Mustafa doesn’t make an appearance, but Grover makes a pretty good stand-in.

The spoof is spot on. Grover sports a towel and does the “look at yourself, now back to me” bit, the “two tickets to that thing you love” bit, and of course, “I’m on a horse.”

Controversy definitely scores YouTube views, but Old Spice Grover’s humor and cuteness are more likely to win over the target Sesame Street audience. (via)

True Mud
Sesame Street pushed the envelope a bit more with a parody of HBO’s True Blood, a show with its fair share of nudity, death and gore. The kids’ version is called “True Mud,” and instead of being a secret vampire, the main character is a secret Grouch, looking for some mud for his mud bath.

It’s a fun rhyming lesson, but is Sesame Street just looking for attention by capitalizing on a current hit show that’s very much for grown-ups only? I don’t know. Sesame Street has parodied plenty of movies that kids wouldn’t be allowed to see. The only difference is that those movies probably weren’t on the cover of Rolling Stone at the time.

I think on balance, though, that the Old Spice one has the edge.

Chair wrestling

…it’s gonna be bigger than the WWF.

Actually it’s a scene from Gummo.

Banksy does the Simpsons

Of course, this isn’t the first time the show has taken a swipe at Fox: the cartoon has parodied Fox News, while the network’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, has appeared in the show as a “billionaire tyrant”.

It is the first time an artist has been involved in the opening credits of the show, credited with being the most successful television brand of all time. Al Jean, The Simpsons executive producer, joked: “This is what you get when you outsource.”

Banksy is said to have been inspired by reports that Simpsons characters are animated in Seoul, South Korea.

The sequence is said to have been one of the most closely guarded secrets in US television – comparable to the concealment of Banksy’s own identity.

The episode, MoneyBart, will be shown in the UK on 21 October.

Cat duet

The Duetto buffo di due gatti (“humorous duet for two cats”) is a popular performance piece for sopranos. It is often performed as a concert encore.

While the piece is typically attributed to Gioachino Rossini, it was not actually written by him, but is instead a compilation written in 1825 that draws principally on his 1816 opera, Otello. The compiler was likely the English composer Robert Lucas de Pearsall, who for this purpose used the pseudonym “G. Berthold”


The music consists, in order of appearance, of:
the “Katte-Cavatine” by the Danish composer C.E.F. Weyse[2]
part of the duet for Otello and Iago in Act 2 of Otello
part of the cabaletta to the aria “Ah, come mai non senti”, sung by Rodrigo in the same act
The lyrics are uncharacteristic, consisting entirely of the repeated word “miau” (“meow”).

World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Animation

“Professor Fletcher’s invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for a teeny-tiny film created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It stars a 9mm girl called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic world. All the minuscule detail was shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics.” — Nokia

Jackie Chan – the breaks (a “The Guy Quote” short)

“My very worst injury ever, the one that almost killed me, actually occurred on a very routine stunt. I was shooting Armour of God in Yugoslavia, and was still recovering from the jet lag of flying twenty hours to get there. The stunt was simple-just jumping down from a castle wall to a tree below. The first time I tried it, the stunt went perfectly, but I wasn’t satisfied with the take. I tried it again, and the second time, I somehow missed the branch I was trying to grab. Whish! I fell past the tree and onto the ground below. Actually, there was a cameraman down there trying to capture a low angle, and if he hadn’t scrambled out of the way, I would have probably landed on him. We would both have been hurt, but not badly. Instead, I hit the rocky ground head first. A piece of my skull cracked and shot up into my brain, and blood poured from my ears. The production team quickly got on the phones to try to find the nearest hospital that could do emergency brain surgery, and eight hours later, I was going under the knife. The operation was successful, and I recovered quickly-even though there’s a permanent hole in my head now, with a plastic plug there to keep my brains in”

“While I was shooting a fight scene in Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, my arm was accidentally slashed by a sword that should have had a blunted edge. Blood went everywhere, and I fell down screaming … and the camera kept rolling! That’s real pain you see in the movie!”

“I broke my ankle while jumping onto a hovercraft in Rumble in the Bronx. After the bone was set and a cast was put on, I was told to stay off my feet until it healed. But I had a movie to finish! I went back to the set and put a sock on my broken foot, painted to look like a sneaker.”

Outtakes from one of my favourite Jackie Chan fights, from Young Master:


Plus the last fight from Drunken Master:


And the running commentary…genius.

ps – Quotes came from HERE.

Putting your hand in the Large Hadron Collider

Several physicists weigh in on what would happen if you put your hand in the proton stream of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, whether there’s a multiverse, you know, that sort of thing.

(Via Kottke)