Psychemagik + Ludovico Einaudi = ace driving-at-night music

Tom says: “This is our trippy take on a beautiful Classical Piano piece by the Legendary Ludovico Einaudi….

“Turin born Ludovico Einaudi’s unique style of composition has garnered him global recognition for his music’s use in films and advertisements. He is arguably the most prolific contemporary composer. Crossing musical boundaries in 2011 Einaudi became the fourth most published artist behind Adele, Mumford & Sons and Glee. Championed by Radio 1’s Greg James and sampled on Professor Green’s ‘Astronaut’, in 2013 Einaudi became the first classical artist to smash through the digital/physical sales barrier, selling 72% of his album ‘In A Time Lapse’ as digital downloads. He is headlining iTunes festival on Sept 17.”

Here’s the original:

+ + + b o n u s t r a c k + + +

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