The incredible Serpent Twins at Burning Man

Saw this wonderful post by David Pescovitz on Boing Boing. He’s found Jon Sarriugarte and Kyrsten Mate’s “Twin Serpents” – Jormungand (Midgard) and Julunggul. Brilliantly fun and very inspiring. Imagine seeing them worm their way over the desert flats at Burning Man, lights blazing and flashing in the pre-dawn light…*sigh*

Suffice to say, I want to take them for a spin. Now I’m going to see what else Sarriugarte’s been making…(take a peek at his Snail Art Car, you won’t be disappointed)

Above is video of the incredible Serpent Twins, two slithering vehicles created by the incredibly talented maker couple Jon Sarriugarte and Kyrsten Mate. You may recall that Jon and Kyrsten are the creators of such exquisite biomechanical transports as the Golden Mean snail car that I wrote about in MAKE here and the zippy Electrobyte trilobite car. The Serpent Twins are in the running for the Boca Bearings 2012 Innovation Competition grand prize of $10,000 that will be awarded to the best “innovative mechanical project that utilizes ball bearings, roller bearings, linear bearings or any form of full ceramic or ceramic hybrid bearings anywhere in the application.” Jon and Kyrsten say that if they win they’ll use the prize money to “buy a stacker trailer to transport our beasts to events like Maker Faire, schools, and festivals to inspire the next generation of artists, engineers and makers.” All I can say is that they have my vote.

Vote for The Serpent Twins

More about the The Serpent Twins

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