Aaron Embry / Your Heart and Mine

I was trawling around on BOOOOOOOOM when I saw this beautiful post and song. Recommended viewing. Delicious bit of guitar, amazing lyrics, beautifully understated.

As Valentines Day fast-approaches it’s hard not to get swept up in the fanfare of lovey-dovey songs – so when I came across LA-based songwriter, Aaron Embry performing “Your Heart and Mine” I fell pretty hard. Embry playfully suggest that he will in fact, break your heart – and you will break his. Because that’s how it goes.

Embry’s style is quiet and understated, yet it’s in his fragility that he is most commanding. Better known as a producer and touring musician to the likes of Edward Sharpe, and even a collaboration with Elliot Smith – he seems to have surprisingly stayed under the radar for the most part. I have a feeling that will soon change. The few videos posted on his website feel eerily beautiful. With subtle Spanish influence on guitar he strums elegantly, and when he begins to sing he experiences all forms of the heart: broken, light, aching. It’s that poetic sarcasm about love’s fleeting nature you find in films like 500 days of Summer (now that I mention it, he does sort of look like Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

If you’re in need of a little catharsis this Valentines day, I suggest you spend a little time with Aaron Embry.

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