On Remembrance Day — Extraordinary LIFE photos that showed the true faces of war

This Eugene Smith picture — of Marines taking cover on an Iwo Jima hillside as a Japanese bunker is obliterated — captures the cataclysmic destruction inherent in war perhaps more perfectly than any other single image ever published in LIFE.

WWII: MacArthur Barks Orders, Inchon, 1950
Gen. Douglas MacArthur roars orders from the bridge of the flagship USS Mount McKinley as Marines storm the beachheads of Inchon, Korea. MacArthur’s daring amphibious assault turned the Korean War around, and for those Americans who had long heard of the man’s titanic leadership — but had never witnessed it — Carl Mydans’ almost assaultive, intimate photo relayed the famous general’s legendary style of command.

Click HERE to see the full slideshow.

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