Carleen and the Groovers (big hair and drums)

South Carolina’s Carleen and The Groovers released only two 7” singles, in the early 1970s. They have gone on to become standards in the Deep Funk scene due to bootlegged, poor-sounding, anonymous compilations. The singles themselves are so rare that copies almost never exchange hands. They were re-released a while ago though.

At the peak of the band’s success Carleen decided that she was moving to Germany. Clary [St. Clair] heard a young drummer by the name of Bernard Smalls performing with the Electric Icebox Band and liked his funk style which was similar to Carleen’s. Bernard Smalls joined the band while he was still a sophomore in high school after Carleen moved to Germany and he played with the other original members keeping up the deep funk tradition. After Carleen’s departure the band was re-named St. Clair and the Mid-Night Groovers. During the early 70s the band had a tradition of being the best R&B band in the low country with its deep grooves based on James Brown style funk.

Check out Carleen’s hair.

One response to “Carleen and the Groovers (big hair and drums)

  1. Ms. Hess, I miss you. Let’s start another band. Call me. (Lonon)

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