And in other Star Wars news…

Taking home electronics to a whole new level, Ericaknit on Etsy has made this AMAZING R2-D2 jumper. Merino wool, $450 (plus postage), all I have to say is YES. And thank god she didn’t do C3PO. Click here to see more images.

These are the coins you’re looking for. On Niue, a tiny island country that sits 1,500 miles northeast of New Zealand, this November “Star Wars” fans will be able to purchase limited mint copies of silver-plated coins featuring Luke, Leia, Han Solo, and the gang. A $2 coin will cost $117 to purchase, which is worth it just for the Millennium Falcon carrying case alone.

Finally, the geniuses who bought you the Han Solo coffee table have been working tirelessly on one based on the Millennium Falcom. It’s pretty. It’s $1,500. And it’s sold. Look at those smooth lines, that beautiful texture. Would look great with a stack of copies of World of Interiors and Elle Decoration.

ps – you have to listen to this too – you might want to forward to 2.50:

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