You naughty naughty boys – vintage rockstar mugshots

Wicked collection of vintage mugshots of musicians over at Flavorwire. The one of Frank Sinatra is, quite frankly, scary, and I wonder if the Johnny Cash one is from when he got caught smuggling pills inside his guitar. Bowie, as you’d expect, looks cool as a cucumber and completely unruffled. Note also how many of them look like they’ve been taken on Hipstamatic…

Axl Rose, 1980


David Bowie, 1976


Elvis Presley, 1976


Frank Sinatra, 1938


Janis Joplin, 1969


Jim Morrison, 1970 (got into trouble on my birthday)


Jimi Hendrix, 1969


Johnny Cash, 1965


Ozzy Osbourne, 1984 (wicked sweatshirt)


Steve Tyler, 1967 (I once did a wee next to him. That makes us practically related)

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