FBI releases details of Notorious BIG’s death

Was it revenge for taking out Tupac? Were Biggie and Tupac really just pawns in a larger game of rap rivalry gone wrong? Could there be any more alliteration? Either way, the FBI have released loads of (heavily redacted) documents so you can make your mind up for yourself. See for yourself HERE, or enjoy the edited highlights below:

The FBI was trying to link the killing of Tupac and Biggie from the start. The files include details of their relationship, the evolution from friends to rivals and records of minor skirmishes and fatal shootings. They found individuals who were present at the death of both rappers.

Biggie was shot with rare Gecko 9mm ammunition, made only in Europe and sold only in select California and New Jersey stores. The FBI tried to find other crimes committed using the same ammo, hoping to find a connection, but no dice.

They suspected police involvement. Sources wouldn’t talk to LAPD investigators about Wallace’s death because they thought there was internal corruption at the force. Though not proof of their involvement, a number of officers on duty at the party Biggie was leaving at the time of his death were also employed by rival record label Death Row Records as security officers. Which is, incidentally, a violation of LAPD policy.

Biggie had connections with the Genovese crime family in New York. FBI theorise the family could have photo or video evidence of his shooting, but have no proof such a thing exists.

Biggie had some full pockets the night he died. The FBI list: a Georgia driver’s license, a pen, 0.91 grams of marijuana, an asthma inhaler, and three condoms among his possessions.

Original story and links here.

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