Two tales about awesome teachers

From B3TA:

* “Dr P taught us the basics of DNA using
fizzy laces, jelly beans and toothpicks and
the theory of dilution using farts, and ‘fart
atoms.’ But his best moment came one afternoon
walking past the sports field. The PE teacher
was shouting at the largest, most unfit kid.
When he tripped and the PE teacher burst out
laughing, adding more condescending comments,
Dr P casually shouted, ‘At least he’s not
fucking the librarian,’ before carrying
on into the science building. It turned out
to be true, spread around the school like
wildfire, his wife found out and the last I heard
the PE teacher had been fired and was living
at home with his parents.”
(eggs and spam)

* “A friend of my folks was brother-in-law to
my Year 9 maths teacher, from whom I get this
story. One fine day in the past, ‘Mr Smith’ comes
into his morning maths lesson. One of those old
roll-down blackboards sits at the front of the
classroom. Smith rolls it down to find ‘Mr Smith
is a cunt’ scrawled across it in huge letters.
Smith goes absolutely apeshit, informs class
that they are staying there until someone comes
into his office and owns up to it. With that,
he leaves the stunned class in silence and goes
to wait in his office next door. According to
his brother-in-law, Smith wrote it himself as
he was hungover and couldn’t be arsed to teach.”

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