Eleven reasons why David Shrigley is my favourite artist (today)

  • According to a piece Dazed did on him (it’s here), not only is he a good host, but he wears a seatbelt even when he sits in the back seat.
  • He freely admits that he’s shit at drawing and that he’s always just drawn like he does. Which is great, actually, because it means he’s not putting it on.
  • He mixes humour with art, but still manages to make me think. That said, I don’t get all of it.
  • He works pretty constantly – about 30 drawings a day.
  • He’s trying to swear less.
  • He said this when drownedinsound asked him if he was worried about overexposure: ““Err… Yes, probably. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about that though. I suppose to say no to some things, but I don’t know. My criteria is that as long as what I am doing is good then it’s fine to do it. As long as I’m having a good time and I feel what I am doing is interesting and not shite then that’s good and I’m going to continue. I supposed there is a fashion aspect to what I am doing, and perhaps I will go out of fashion at some point. But, again, there’s not a lot I can really do about that so I might as well just… Oh wait, an ambulance is going past.”
  • Apparently he throws away 70% of his drawings
  • Looking at his work, and then at a picture of him, the two don’t necessarily go together. That’s a good thing.
  • He told The Scotsman that he sometimes he likes to draw people before he meets them for the first time: “The image you have before you meet someone is gone forever as soon as you see them. I like to preserve that image. I like how wrong it is.”
  • He did an exhibition at The Serpentine a few years ago, and I bought a book of postcards. Then, when I was ill not long after, loads of people came to visit me and stuff, so I wrote loads of postcards in the book to say thank-you to them. But then I never sent the cards and kept them because I didn’t want to part with the art (I still feel a bit guilty about that, but then I’ve always been crap at writing thank-you letters).
  • Finally, I really really love his stuff. Here’s a slideshow. I don’t know how to make it go slower, so press stop if you want.
  • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    ps – if you like it, there’s loads more on his website, which you can get to by clicking HERE It’s much better than the slideshow.

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    1. Thanks for your contribution and I will use it for my school research that I am doing.

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