Fight for Your Right – Revisited

Too excited by this to rewrite or research any more, spotted on the excellent BOOOOOOOM (my favourite art blog) and lifted the following:

“Fight For Your Right Revisited” is like my wildest fantasy come to life. The short film, written and directed by Adam Yauch, is showing at Sundance and has the most insane cast EVER. For starters Mike D, Ad-Rock, and MCA will be played by two sets of actors: Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood, and Danny McBride as one set, and John C Reilly, Will Ferrell, and Jack Black as another.

The rest of the cast list just might give you a heart attack!
I uploaded the Fight For Your Right (demo version) for you to play really loud while you look up and down this cast list and your mind explodes. Grab it before it disappears.

From what I understand it is a continuation of the original Fight For Your Right music video so it might only be the length of a music video who knows, either way I am dying to see it.

Fight For Your Right Revisited

Cast list (IMDB):

Elijah Wood Ad-Rock (B-Boys 1)
Danny McBride MCA (B-Boys 1)
Seth Rogen Mike D (B-Boys 1)
Susan Sarandon Mother
Stanley Tucci Father
Rashida Jones Skirt Suit
Will Arnett Biz Man
Adam Scott Cab Driver
Mike Mills Sir Stewart Wallace
Rainn Wilson Church Goer
Arabella Field Church Goer
Ted Danson Maitre D’
Roman Coppola Café Patron
Shannyn Sossamon Café Patron
Steve Buscemi Waiter
Amy Poehler Café Patron
Mary Steenburgen Café Patron
Alicia Silverstone Café Patron
Laura Dern Café Patron
Arthur Scipio Africano Café Patron
Alfredo Ortiz Café Patron
Milo Ventimiglia Café Patron
Jody Hill Café Patron
Silvia Suvadova Café Patron
Jason Schwartzman Vincent Van Gogh
Losel Yauch Skateboarder
Chloë Sevigny Metal Chick
Kirsten Dunst Metal Chick
Maya Rudolph Metal Chick
Clint Caluory George Drakoulias
David Cross Nathanial Hornblower
Orlando Bloom Johnny Ryall
Will Ferrell Ad-Rock (B-Boys 2)
John C. Reilly Mike D (B-Boys 2)
Jack Black MCA (B-Boys 2)
Adam Horovitz Cop #1
Mike D Cop #2
Adam Yauch Cop #3
Martin Starr Paddy Wagon Driver
Nicole Randall Cafe Ted Patron


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